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As a Pro Bono Consultant, Autodesk employees volunteer to help nonprofits and impact entrepreneurs solve social and environmental challenges. These employee consultants list specific skills, interests, and experiences that they can share with nonprofits and entrepreneurs. Consultants can help with software use, UX, marketing, product design and manufacturing, and more. There are 1:1 and Team Consulting opportunities throughout the year.

Organizations browse, select and request session with volunteer

Autodesk employees have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Search employee Pro Bono Consultants by keyword or subject expertise to find someone with the right skillset. When contacting a consultant, provide as much detail on organizational needs and goals as possible. Employees have volunteered their skills for one-hour long sessions, up to five per organization, though the platform.

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After reviewing the organization’s needs, Autodesk volunteers approve the request. Awesome! By approving, the Pro Bono Consultants are committing up to 5 hours of volunteer time to help out with the organization’s challenge.

Consulting meetings can happen in person, by video, or by phone. Autodesk Pro Bono Consultants will work to understand the organization’s needs and discover how they can help. This first meeting may be all that is needed, or you can mutually agree on follow-up actions and timeline.

Collaborate on challenges and solutions

Create a timeline together and agree on project outcomes. Make the most of your time by providing information promptly and being proactive. Have fun and get creative! Giving each other kudos and feedback is always encouraged, as it helps continue to improve the Pro Bono program.

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Autodesk Pro Bono Consultants are Autodesk employees who volunteer their time and skills to help nonprofits and entrepreneurs working to solve social and environmental challenges. Search the community to find a Pro Bono Consultant for your project needs.

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Autodesk’s network of nonprofits and entrepreneurs are creating solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. Help them make a positive impact by lending your skills and up to 5 hours of your time. Build professional development skills and have a creative customer-facing experience. Create your profile today.